Be Good To Your Money
And your money will be good to you!
The Guide To Living Like A Millionaire on $25,000 or less


 Discover Dr. Lisa Frye's little secrets of success that amount to great financial rewards.  This unprecedented peek into the author's dynamic and personal journey from financial disaster to financial freedom, is filled with a wealth of savvy business smarts and financial wits.  She injects from her personal experience as an educator, real estate agent, insurance broker, entrepreneur, and investor to write on diverse subjects as investing, starting a successful business, giving, getting control of your finances, and much, much more. 

This highly-acclaimed national bestseller details easy-to-implement financial strategies to benefit anyone, at any income level.  It clearly and concisely explains how to manage your money so that it becomes a profit source.  This informative book shares with you a millionaire lifestyle that doesn't require you to be a millionaire. 

In this profound and spirited book, Dr. Frye tells her personal story of losing both parents in her teenage years and having to take care of herself.  She shares how the cost of graduating from a prestigious university, instant gratification, and 15 credit cards created a great financial catastrophe for her.  After spending years paying off each credit card, she decided to get control of her finances.  Getting control of her finances resulted in her owning several businesses (including an elementary school), owning investment properties, becoming debt-free, being blessed with bank accounts, possessing investment accounts, and, most importantly, it taught her to "give".

Be Good To Your Money rose to the National Bestseller's list in just 4 months! Barnes and ranked it the #1 book on "money".  Financial experts across the country are applauding Be Good To Your Money. And you will too!

It brings a feeling of power, freedom, wealth, and choices. This invaluable book proves that, with some creativity, consistency, and simple common sense, anyone, at any income level, who wants financial freedom can have it.  It proves that if you BE GOOD TO YOUR MONEY, YOUR MONEY WILL BE GOOD TO YOU! 

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