Be Good To Your Money
And your money will be good to you!

 Students, experts, and the media talk about what they have seen, heard, and read!!

#2 National Bestseller
Listed as a "must read" book
-Forbes Magazine Book Club
Ranked #1 book on "money" (twice)
-Barnes and Noble. com
"A chock-full of valuable information..."
-Nevada Woman Magazine, Las Vegas, NV
"You really need to read this book, if you want to be wealthier and  more financially secure---"
-Miss-Lou Magazine, Natchez, MS
"This book forces you to look at your finances with possibilities and not despair."
-The Meridian Star, Meridian, MS
"The book contains the personal journey of how one woman moved from financial disaster to financial freedom."
-The Starkville Daily News, Starkville, MS
"The book is overflowing with inside knowledge, from an experienced person.  Much of the success, of my business, is "thanks" to you. "
-Marvin Glenn Sr., President/CEO Morning Star Records, Inc. Chicago, IL

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"I was blown away by her common-sense approach, which encourages and empowers attendees to take immediate action."
-Roxanne Diana Editor, Nevada Woman Magazine, Las Vegas, NV
"The program was well received and greatly appreciated.  All responses were very positive."
-Julie Okabayashi, Scheduling Specialist, Las Vegas Library, Las Vegas, NV
"Lisa was very good and knows her stuff!!  I never thought this subject could be funny."
-D. Madden, Tampa, FL


"Outstanding!!  I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially people who feel they don't make enough money to live their dreams."
-Pamela Evans, Financial Reconciliation Specialist, The Private Bank, Chicago, IL
"This book hits the point.  We all must learn to sacrifice a "little" to achieve a "lot" for our future." 
-John Kirtley, Asst. Vice President Retail Banking, Wells Fargo Bank, Las Vegas, NV
$  $  CHURCHES  $  $
"Its sole purpose is to challenge stewardship over the money God  has entrusted with us.  As a pastor, I urge every christian and non-christian to read this book."
-Pastor Tony Howard, Destined For Glory International Ministries, Las Vegas, NV
"It's going to be helpful and practical to many people.  And the greatest part is that it was forged out of personal experience."
-Gene Appel, Former Senior Pastor, Central Christian Mega Church, Henderson, NV
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"Her monthly segment about personal money management on my weekly show is immensely popular.  Listeners are begging for her to have more airtime."
-Hal Clark, Host/Producer WYLD-FM98--Sunday Journal, New Orleans, LA
"I am a big fan of yours.  You are so informative.  I am very appreciative that you have blessed me with your experiences and knowledge."
-V. Ducre', Slidell, LA

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